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What are they?

Predasaurs are weapon-wielding, DNA fusion dinosaurs brought to you in cool, collectable figure form! Each Predasaur is built as a fusion between two dinosaurs, resulting in one scary reptile! This delicate DNA splicing procedure has created a race of highly intelligent creatures, so advanced they have learnt how to craft and wield weaponry of varying destructive power! The power of DNA fusion is so overwhelming that the Predasaurs even have glow-in-the-dark teeth. Seriously scary!

How many to collect?

There are 25 Predasaurs to collect, along with 25 different weapons. These are all interchangeable, so even though one Predasaur may come packaged with a mace, he won’t have any problems holding an axe or a hammer! There are also 25 cards to collect, which feature the statistics of each Predasaur, along with the exact dinosaur DNA composition of each particular character.


24 Predasaurs are broken up into 3 types; Stone Age, Jurassic and Cretaceous, indicating which period in time each Predasaur originated. However, there is one special, extremely rare Predasaur whose exact origins are unknown. This elusive character will appear randomly in all Predasaurs packs. Who will uncover him first?